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Will my height suitable for riding this bike?

Best for riders between 5'4''-6'4'' in height.

What is the weight limit of this bike?

Our weight limit is 330 lbs. That’s about 150kgs.

Difference between A1 Pro and A1 Standard?

There's not much different. We suggest you go to our website https://asyncbike.com/ and scroll to the near bottom to see full spec difference between them.

What color options are available for the bike?

We only have 2 available colors. A1 Pro-(Space Orange and Moon Silver) and A1 Standard(Moon Silver).

Where can I get my e-bike serviced if needed?

If you need technical assistance on your bike, please do not hesitate to contact us at customercare@asyncbike.com.

Are there plans to release new bike models in the future?

We are planning to lauch a new model recently. For more updates, please subscribe to our website https://asyncbike.com/

Is the battery locked (anti-theif)?

It is important to download and use the "Async bike" app to configure the electronic lock for your bike. Once this is done, your A1 can not be started without unlocking it through the app on your smartphone. This added security feature will greatly reduce the risk of theft of your bike.

What type of Throttle do you use?

It is a Full Twist Throttle

What controller do you use?

FOC Controller equipped with 12 MOS FETs, which have a strong current-carrying capacity.

What is the size/dimension of the package of the e-bike?

Bike Package:1530x380x860mm Battery:540x220x190

Can the A1 be pedaled like a normal bike?

Yes it can be pedaled like the classic bike.

How many miles on a charge?

For the range, Standard goes to 40 - 75 miles and the Pro its 80-150 miles.

Does the bike come fully assembled?

Unfortunately, the bike is not fully assembled. However, on the box itself, we will include a manual which is easy to follow on how to assemble the bike.

Does the bike have gps tracking?

Yes it does have a GPS Tracker. Once you have the bike, it comes along with the ASYNC App. One of the features of the ASYNC App is a tracker to your bike.

Price of the bike?

For the pricing, I suggest you go to our website https://asyncbike.com/ so it can also provide you the amount of shipping. More info or specs is available at the bottom of our website.


We do offer bulk-buy discount, and we also have promotion from time to time so please keep an eye on our official website https://asyncbike.com/ for timely update.

Is the async app available? When will it be available?

The app will be available once you received the A1. We'll be providing you more info once its available, if you have any further question, please do not hesitate to contact us customercare@asyncbike.com