Smart bike, Fabulous ride

With logistics taken care of by ASYNC intelligence, A1 truly becomes an extension of your body and mind.


The ASYNC App is an excellent tool to assist you in your daily rides, allowing easy locking and unlocking of the vehicle, adjusting the power level, controlling the lights, tracking your bike's location, navigating to your desired destination and checking your cycling data.


Digital Key

Unlock your bike and start your ride with a simple tap in the App. With the digital key setting, you will be the only one who can power it on.

Auto Unlock

With the auto unlock setting, your bike, sensing your approaching, automatically unlocks itself. Just power on and get going.

Switching Modes

Adapt to various riding conditions by switching modes. Choose eco/normal/sport as well as going off-road.

Light Control

You can remotely control the vehicle's headlights through the App.


Plan The Best Route

With the ASYNC App, you can plan your route based on your preferences. The App also reminds you of remaining battery power and estimated range to prevent unexpected power outage.

Navigation Info In Detail

Display detailed navigation information, including turns, remaining distance, estimated arrival time, etc. All this info can be displayed on the dashboard. Simple and nice.

Riding Record

Record riding information for each trip, such as distance traveled, time taken, average speed and more.


Find My Bike

Whether near or far, you'll be able to locate your bike at all times with GPS tracking. Can't find your bike? Pinpoint its exact location with the App.

Vehicle Alarm

When the vehicle topples or moves abnormally, you will be notified promptly. Put your mind at rest.


Get updated about the latest news about riding conditions, policies, etc. on the news page.